A little different to last year’s Lindt bunny parade:

This Easter squirrel came from the Patisserie Osmont, which has premises in my current hometown of St-Germain-en-Laye, and which we firmly believe to be the best patisserie in town. It’s pretty traditional in France to have chocolate hens and fish alongside the eggs, which are usually filled with smaller chocolate treats. The squirrel felt pretty heavy, so we expected the same sort of thing again. However:

the squirrel is filled instead with a frankly divine praline mixture, which gives the chocolatey treat added dimensions, richness, texture and flavour.

We loved this Osmont treat so much that we went back for more – and ended up with possibly the surliest Easter bunny on earth:

moody evil

This dark chocolate bunny doesn’t look like the sort of fellow you’d want to meet in a dark alley.

However, unlike our slightly happier friend the squirrel, he does deliver eggs: this time, he was filled with small dark chocolate eggs. He also came on a bed of something like chocolate-covered Kit-Kat balls (presumably to stop him from falling over – those ears are pretty top-heavy, you know).

We were surprised to ultimately prefer the praline squirrel, who gave our Easter a flavour of the unexpected compared with the more traditional bunny (even if the latter does look like he’s just been out for a curry and a fight).

Joyeux Pâques!