With the wine world expecting Bordeaux 2010 primeur prices to stay stratospheric and in line of a recent experiment at the Edinburgh Science Festival (See here for example), the price of wine is more than ever in question.

Ferrets being inquisitive creatures, Ferret has searched wine cellars for affordable wines. Here’s what he has found for you (we even got him to pose next to some of his trophies).

We start with a personal favourite, this 2003 Brézème from Jean-Marie Lombard. Brézème is a rare example in French wine of an AOC wine (this is AOC Côte du Rhône) that is allowed to display an appelation-like name without being a “village”. Here, with this Bresemus cuvée, we have a full-bodied syrah wine, reminiscent of a Côte Rôtie. Jean-Marie Lombard also makes other fine wines including the cuvée du Grand Chène.

Ferret has found 2007 Bresemus online for €27.90 a bottle.

We stay in the Côtes-du-Rhône region with this lovely 2006 red from the Château des Tours, made by Emmanuel Reynayd of Rayas fame. Fortunately, this does not command Rayas prices and will charm you with the fineness of its tanins (no bombast here) and its strawberryish flavours.

This should be available between €13 and €20 a bottle online.

An article about value for money wine needs to include a Languedoc-Roussillon wine: I remember being stunned by the freshness and depth of Eric Laguerre’s white, I thought I was tasting an Hermitage. His red wine is very nice too.

Have a look at the website here: http://www.domainelaguerre.com/. Both red and white “Le Ciste” cuvées are available at around 13 euros.

If you want the best from the Rhône and Bordeaux worlds, then this Cabernet-Syrah from domaine Les Creisses should be able to offer it. I must admit I was not entirely won over by this wine but this is certainly a very fine red that might taste even better in a few years.

You should find this wine around 25 euros.

Finally, a superb wine from a little-know region, Jura. Producer Stéphane Tissot, a firm believer in the notion of terroir, makes several cuvées, reds and whites in this mountainous region. Last time I enjoyed a Chardonnay so much, it was twice the price. I hope you will be able to enjoy its lovely spiciness too.

Visit the website here: http://www.stephane-tissot.com/.

€19 from Caves de Marly.