When copying out a recipe and it coming to copying down frankly ridonkulous amounts such as 5/8 of a cup (?!?!), I began to wonder: what is WITH American cup sizes?

I know an American “cup” is actually a specified measure, a special measuring cup that you can buy from American cookware and homeware stores, rather than just any random cup from your cupboard. But what this leads to is silly fractions of amounts. I can just about cope with things like 1/2 a tablespoon and even 1/8 of a teaspoon (I have special spoons for that), but really, I’m just not that much of a mathmo. And 5/8 of a cup? Really?!

I therefore invite American cooks to come and defend themselves: just what exactly is the purpose of the American cup? Does it have a purpose beyond just teaching American kids about fractions? Explain.

(Oh, and I found out how much 5/8 of a cup is…it’s about 140g. Now how is writing 140g not easier?)