BEHOLD the cornet de Rouen.

Rouen = in Normandy. This is one of the only (if not THE only) non-winemaking French areas. This means they make a lot of cider and Calvados instead. JOY. Hence why much of the stuff in this cornet is apple-related.

For the princely sum of just over €8, I bagged myself a massive stick of barley sugar (made with apple juice, fwiw), 4 red boiled sweets that look like little red apples (kind of), 4 chewy green apple flavoured candies (NOM), and 2 hard caramel lollies (again, NOM).

I think NOM is fast becoming my word of the year.

Anyway, for a closer look:

The barley sugar (although messy) and the green apple sweets are worth going for. The others I can take or leave. Some shops in Rouen also sell smaller versions of the barley sugar sticks for €1,30 for an altogether more portable option.

I am liking the apple and caramel thing in general though. Time to go and make myself a tarte tatin (another spécialité rouennaise) perhaps?