Cryogenics: the secret to a sharper everlasting knife?

All of the kitchen utensil whores out there will be as pleased as punch if JML’s newest product does as it promises. The kitchen knives, made using liquid nitrogen, are made using deep-freeze technology after heating the steel up to 1100°C, and reducing to room temperature over 7 hours. JML promises that the cryogenically-treated knives will make slicing even easier, cutting through heavy and cumbersome foods such as pumpkin in an instant – and a group of Sheffield scientists found the Cryotex Knives to be twice as sharp as, and three times more resistant than, standard blades. The knife set, which is available for £39.99, includes a fillet knife, a chef’s knife and a paring knife; a bread knife is also available separately.

Et voilà! French baguettes from a vending machine

It’s certainly true that in France in August finding a decent baguette can be easier said than done with so many bakeries closed for the holidays. But is this Frenchman’s innovation really the answer? Jean-Louis Hecht, a baker from north-east France, has come up with the idea of a 24-hour automated baguette vending machine, promising hot fresh baguettes to night owls, shift workers, or anyone else who didn’t have a chance to get one during normal opening hours. Two machines are currently in operation (one in Paris, and one in Hombourg-Haut) next to Hecht’s own stores, where for just €1, the machines will bake up the already partially-cooked loaves for waiting customers, with unsold loaves being thrown away after 72 hours. The machine has already proved immensely popular in Hombourg-Haut, ensuring that the €50k machine will be paid for within its first year.

Fashion-inspired doughnuts

Krispy Kreme and Glamour have teamed up to create fashion-inspired doughnuts in celebration of London Fashion Week. Using a unique fruity glaze that is “so sparkly it looks like lipgloss”, the aim of the Glamour Glaze collection is to create a positive association between fashion and food. The Orange and Strawberry Glaze colours were chosen by Glamour staff on noting catwalk trends this year. Available in Krispy Kreme stores between now and October 2nd, they come priced at £1.35 each – or, if you’re feeling generous, take some to share with friends in a bespoke black Glamour Glaze box for under £10.

Good enough to eat!

In these testing economic times it makes sense to cut out visits to the salon and try your own treatments at home – and where better to look first than in your own fridge? There are many recipes out there for making your own treatments, using ingredients such as oatmeal, eggs, fruits and yoghurts – but if you still want to put yourself in the hands of the pros, you could always try any of the products using such ingredients as grapes, kiwi, avocado, lettuce, cucumber or milk. Skin Food may be a good company to start with – its bestsellers include its Peach Sake skincare line, a Black Sugar Mask, a Coffee Body Scrub and a Carrot Collagen Eye Sheet.

Taking care of your teeth with Ecocert

Sadly, all of this eating also means spending time on your teeth. Luckily you can now do this with Ecocert, whose toothpastes (sold via are free from SLS and fluoride, fight bacteria, and contain yummy ingredients including mandarin, mint, fennel and lemon. Now you can have your cake and eat it too 🙂

Special K branches out into beauty

I had a mysterious email today from Kelloggs asking me to trial their new beauty product, in partnership with Special K. I’ve agreed – and having been told only that it’s a “special arrival”, I can’t wait to see what this food giant’s been cooking up on the back burner.