…means autumn food!

As well as making pumpkin and red pepper soup this week, with a kick of chilli for good measure (enough for 4 lunches! No more inferior cup-a-soups for me for a while…), I’ve also been busy on the dessert front. Observe:

That, my friends, is a pumpkin pie. Keeper’s first, and he loved it.

I combined two recipes, using one from Jamie Oliver and another from the Guardian. The secret? Two tablespoons of rum (well, alright, I used brandy in the absence of rum). The taste? Delish! Next time I would separate the eggs and whisk the whites for a mousse-y rather than custardy texture, blind bake the base for less time (20 minutes is too long and left it hazardously close to burning), and, of course, add more alcohol.

I also made this:

I could not be prouder of this parkin if I had given birth to it. It is AMAZE. But nonetheless, one slice is still more than enough (it’s very filling thanks to the oatmeal), meaning one tin lasts ages. YAY. I used this recipe, which gives just the right amount of spicy satisfaction. Eat with Lapsang Souchong for ultimate Bonfire Night goodness.