It was a cold and rainy night in New York and we just had a scary drive from JFK. We were glad to enter the warm dining room, separated from the cold street by an ingenious double door. A friendly and enthusiastic waiter soon appeared and we started to peruse the menu over some iced water. I was immediately drawn to the extensive wine list which featured a lot of carefully chosen wines from over the pond. Sadly we could not go for the $195 1986 Chateau Grillet (although this might actually offer value for money as compared to other French wines on the list) and we settled for a glass each of an excellent Chardonnay from Au Bon Climat, especially made for restaurants belonging to the Boulud galaxy.

ImageThe food was a nice match for this mineral wine, with a generous plate of very fine charcuterie and most of all, a superb lobster salad, laden with generous pieces of the delicious crustacean. Dessert was shared, a light chocolate and coffee tart, and followed by espressos (an important distinction in America!), which probably were the best we tasted on this trip.

Even though we are used to French wines at French prices, at $133, this wasn’t a cheap dinner (the most expensive of this American trip) given that we got off kind of lightly as compared to other items on the menu.

However, this certainly was a very sophisticated experience in terms of both the crowd and the wine list. The experience might not actually be worth this much money, but we would certainly return to enjoy the careful selection of ingredients and the cheerful atmosphere.

1900 Broadway (between 63rd and 64th Streets), NY, NY 10023

telephone 212.595.0303