Friday night. Pay day. Husband not coming home in time for dinner. What better way to indulge than to pay up for something that had always been recommended to me by dear friends, but that I had never tried – Gü puddings? I was sure I couldn’t go wrong. In the supermarket I remembered the main reason I’d never tried them before – the price. At nearly €4 for two they’re not coming cheap. However, that is still only €2 per pudding, and includes a glass ramekin that you can keep. I’ve also heard they go on offer from time to time (rumour has it that at times they can be found in Britain for £1.90 per pack of 2).

I went for the version which go by the name of “moelleux au chocolat” in French. Could not find the exact equivalent product in English, but essentially it’s a chocolate fondant. Looking forward to this, I duly popped them in the oven for the 13 minutes stated at 170°C.

Now, it’s possible that I overcooked them, as I have a fan oven and temperatures and cooking times can vary slightly. However, I shouldn’t have been wrong for more than about 10°C, or about 1 minute’s cooking time, which shouldn’t drastically affect the results. And just what were the results? Something distinctively “un-Güey” – it was little more than a chocolate sponge, and while it tasted nice, it was definitely drier in texture than I had expected.

“What can I say?”, I said to friends in a Facebook status later on, “…mine’s better. That’ll teach me.” And it really had been, for just five days before we had made chocolate fondants at home, following Rowley Leigh’s idiot-proof recipe. Moral of the story? Home baking is definitely best. Sorry Gü.