stolen from Wikipedia, in all their deliciousness

Just popping in to quickly post this as I’ve just polished off my second packet (with the help of him indoors, natch) and can’t believe I didn’t already mention them.

In brief: I first encountered Welsh cakes in Cardiff this May, while visiting my sister, during what was possibly the hottest weekend this year. Basically like flat scones, they are delicious served hot fresh off the griddle, but are equally nice eaten cold or even reheated (microwave, oven, frying pan…you are free to pick your weapon of choice). Unlike scones, though, you wouldn’t want to ruin them by putting jam or cream on them. A good dusting of caster sugar is enough.

I haven’t yet made my own (with a bag costing about £1, even in Fortnum and Mason, they’re not exactly expensive to procure ready-made), but recipes abound on the internet. I’d appreciate it if you shared any Welsh cake tricks or any variations you enjoy (I spotted several in Fabulous Welsh Cakes down at Cardiff Bay) – and once I’ve cooked up a batch of these little beauties, I’ll be moving to Scandinavia (in my kitchen at least) to cook up some aebleskivers 😀