Having been lucky enough to make two trips to Fortnum and Mason in three months, we were also indulgent enough to purchase fudge on both occasions. Both boxes have made us very happy 😀  And while both boxes were Fortnum and Mason’s own brand, this could perhaps open the door to further fudge-related posts in future…so watch this space.

The first box we bought was in a commemorative tin, in honour of the Queen’s Jubilee. (It’s difficult to say which was the primary consideration…the beautiful tin, or the beautiful fudge…although this pic doesn’t exactly show it in its full glory.)

At £15 for 454g, it didn’t come cheap (although obviously this includes the tin, so you need to account for this). However, cost of the tin aside, it seems to be in line with other high-quality fudge makers, such as The Toffee Shop, Linden Lady, and Burnt Sugar, which all charge between £8 and £10 for this amount of fudge. We found that the texture of Fortnum’s commemorative fudge was extremely pleasing, combining the crumbly/soft feeling we all remember to create the pinnacle of fudgey perfection.

On our second visit in July, we felt a second tin would be unreasonable (we already have a silly amount of tins kicking around our place – although saying this, we always manage to fill them with something…), so instead we bought this:

At around £6 for 227g, it’s also available through Highgrove’s official shop. Gram for gram, it’s verging on overly expensive (you don’t even get a tin with it :p ), but we found it had a richer, less overly sweet taste than the commemorative fudge. Par contre, this fudge seemed to hold together less well. Crumbly is good, but at the same time you need to be able to rely on being able to cut it into manageable pieces (as opposed to flakes and crumbs).

So what’s your favourite fudge? I’m beginning to feel a post on the Fudge Kitchen coming on myself. Do you consider yourself a fudge connoisseur? Is Cadbury’s version enough for you? Or are you even brave enough to make your own (NB.: I’m not, due to too many failed attempts to record…more of which anon)? Let your fudgey stories come to me 😀