I love Kit Kats. They’re one of my top go-tos if I’m feeling stressed, probably because I have a weird way of eating them. Using my teeth, I prise off the top layer of chocolate. Then I eat the small thick square pieces off the ends. Then the long sides. And finally the long layer of chocolate at the bottom, so that I’m left with just the wafer. Then I eat the wafer (you didn’t think I was going to do something weird like throw it away, did you?!). And so onto the next bar. If this is one of those 4-bar Kit Kats, this takes quite a while. (It’s quite an intricate operation, you know.) And by the time I’ve finished, I’ve forgotten whatever it is I was worrying about.

The entire delicate process of eating an ordinary Kit Kat means that the Kit Kat Chunky just doesn’t have the same appeal. I therefore wasn’t really aware of any other types of Kit Kat. UNTIL, for the pot luck lunch at my work, one of the parents brought in a whole box of these:

matcha kk

This is a matcha (green tea) flavoured Kit Kat from Japan. This is what happens when you work in a fairly international climate. You hear about four different languages as you walk down a corridor, you hear a range of accents and levels of language acquistion in the classroom and staffroom, and you get to try weird new foods.

So how was the matcha Kit Kat? The chocolate is a pale green, and so is the cream that fills the wafer. Disappointingly, though, it just tastes like white chocolate, with any green tea flavour not being distinct.

I was surprised to learn, though (thanks, Wikipedia!), that Japan has introduced over 200 Kit Kat flavours since the year 2000, including ginger ale, crème brûlée, and café au lait – all of which I’d love to try. The power of the internet also permitted me to recall the existence of the orange Kit Kat, which was briefly on sale in the UK (if I remember rightly, it didn’t actually taste that nice). I also discovered that a Cookies and Cream version of the Kit Kat has been available in Britain since 2012: now just how did I not know that before?!

So what flavours of Kit Kat would you like to see? Continuing along the tea theme, I reckon a version flavoured with one of my favourite teas, Lapsang Souchong, would have plenty of mileage…