In January, I decided to order some health foods online. This is due to supplies in France not being fantastic; you either can’t get these foods or pay a serious premium, due to there being no Holland & Barrett or Julian Graves style shops here. I didn’t on this occasion turn to Healthy Supplies, where I have bought from with great satisfaction in the past, due to its slightly eye-watering international delivery cost (£13.99 a box). Despite their excellent range of high-quality products, this seemed just a little too much. So instead I opted to buy from Win Naturally, who charge a more reasonable £8.99 for overseas shipping.

I was firstly worried that while I received an order confirmation, I never received any official confirmation of dispatch (even though I received a more informal email from someone packing my order, asking about a possible substitution). The tracking status of the order never changed via their website facility either, so ultimately I never even knew if my order had been sent. Unsurprisingly, it never arrived, and attempting to contact Win Naturally via their website elicited no reply.

This was when I started to kick and scream, leaving messages on Facebook for the company to see. This did, happily, lead to the CEO getting in touch with me via email, where he promised that a full replacement for my order would be sent out free of charge, as well as my initial postage cost being refunded. For a moment I was able to harbour some hope that I would receive what I had ordered. Suddenly, though, we were in March, and I had still received nothing, with no evidence of even the replacement box having been sent out.

At this point, I emailed the CEO again, this time to cancel the order completely and receive a refund. He then conveniently went silent on me, despite having always responded very promptly before. After a few days of waiting for a reply, I finally then brought out the big guns, leaving negative feedback of the site on consumer review website and contacting the company founder via Twitter (in fairness, she did respond quickly). This led to the CEO promising to send me out a whole new box of health foods by way of apology, with the added reassurance that the company had now changed its international courier, meaning that this time the products should reach me.

Win Naturally’s Selfridges concession (Trafford Centre)

I’ll admit it: I wasn’t exactly holding my breath. The company’s track record so far meant that I never really expected to receive this. However, to their credit, a week or so later I did receive a box full of goodies, including NAKD bars, Clif bars, Trek bars, and Diva popcorn, as well as a 10% discount voucher in case I chose to order from them again. This was an extremely generous offer of compensation that I did not expect to receive. This change of courier also proves that Win Naturally can indeed get products to those who order them, meaning that in future I may well try again to order from them. I therefore wouldn’t dissuade any of you from trying to order from them – particularly if you actually live in the UK, where the company is based. I’d also commend the company for trying to respond satisfactorily and making positive changes. However, it’s clear that some improvements still need to be made – particularly regarding the website itself, which doesn’t seem especially strong in terms of confirming dispatch and responding to customer queries – and that if you do wish to purchase from Win Naturally, visiting their physical concession at Selfridges may be an even better way forward.