It perhaps attests to my foodie obsession that when I saw that the Euromillions jackpot was to be €85m this week, I immediately started fantasising about all the amazing kitchen gadgets I could buy if I won. (Note: I don’t even play!) KitchenAid mixer…dehydrator…bread machine…ice cream maker…

Now another food manufacturer, Bradley, has just added to the list of temptations thanks to the release of its Counter Top Smoker (pictured left). This means that foodies around the world can just smoke out their food, and not their entire kitchen (although of course it’s probably still wise to use it in a room that’s properly ventilated, with a decent extractor fan for good measure). At a (relatively) attainable £195, it smokes meat and fish in a two-rack unit. The smoke is achieved using ‘flavour bisquettes’ (weird name, but whatever), in a variety of flavours – whiskey oak, alder, pecan and maple are just a few on offer.

While larger smoking units are available (such as a 4-rack and a 6-rack), the two rack unit perhaps suits the home cook better, as it’s about the size of a microwave. The problem is, we don’t even have space for a microwave. Yes, really. We don’t own a microwave. We only got a toaster within the past year or so – and it perhaps testifies to our (in)ability to prioritize that we possess a wine fridge, and a bean-to-cup coffee machine, but not a microwave, dishwasher, or any numerous other useful kitchen gadgets. Looks like the countertop smoker will have to go on the back burner (ba-dum-tsssh) until I win (or, first, enter) the Euromillions. What are your kitchen gadgetry dreams? Share them here – you know I’ll understand 🙂