Tomorrow (June 5th) is World Environment Day, and given that 1.3bn tonnes of food are wasted globally each year, a focus on how to best use our food and stop us from throwing away food needlessly seems appropriate. In numbers we can understand, that amounts to about 120kg of food EACH, costing us about £680. The Think Eat Save campaign has offered a series of handy tips to help us do this, and I thought I’d share the love, plus add a few tips of my own.

Think Eat Save says:

Use saver sachets in your vegetable drawer. These absorb harmful gases, allowing food storage life to be significantly increased. Also, putting a washing-up sponge in the drawer will help to absorb moisture, which has a similar effect.

Keep your fridge at the correct temperature to avoid spoiling.  Between 2°C and 5°C is best; use a fridge thermometer to help.

antiiceMake the most of your freezer so that nothing has to be chucked.  Chop and bag up spare vegetables, herbs, and grated cheese, which all freeze very well. Leftovers can also be frozen for healthy work lunches. In addition, use a frost-free anti-ice mat to stop those annoying walls of ice forming that just take up valuable space.

Make shopping lists so that you only buy what you need.

Compost leftovers for your garden or pot plants.

Store your food correctly – bananas, for instance, should not be kept in the fridge as they spoil more quickly this way.

My tip would be to batch cook – it’s definitely more economical, probably healthier, and certainly stops excess food from going to waste. That way you can have a box in the fridge to grab for your lunch on the way to work, and keep your freezer stocked for those ‘can’t be bothered’ nights. So make even just one of these changes this World Environment Day and you’re already on the way to changing something for the better.