For many from the UK, the signal of a British summer is something like this:


While perhaps nothing can replace the original Pimm’s N°1, they have come out with another blend that could be approaching genius status this summer:

At £16 for a 75cl bottle, it’s only marginally more expensive than the normal Pimm’s (perhaps thanks to its ‘special edition’ status). Sadly, they haven’t sent me a free bottle (yet…Pimm’s PR, are you reading this?! :-p ). Premixed cans (Pimms Blackberry and Elderflower with lemonade) in a 250ml size are also reportedly available, although I haven’t spotted any yet. I tried some of my bottle as a pre-lunch apéritif with some ice-cold lemonade and fresh blackberries, and can happily confirm its deliciousness. I just fear that my supplies of it may go down even more quickly than my supplies of normal Pimm’s, as it’s even easier to prepare: rather than messing around with all that chopping, you just throw in a few blackberries and some ice cubes and you’re away.

Pimm’s o’clock may have just made itself an even more frequent occurrence in my life this summer. Oh dear…