With Halloween coming, there are 3 types of people:

a) Those who lock the doors, draw the curtains, switch off the lights and pretend it isn’t happening

b) Those who dress up, decorate the house, and delight in handing out spooky sweeties to the little costumed ones

and c) Those who end up scoffing all the sweeties themselves…


Were I not a teacher of children who love eating sweets, I would perhaps fall into the third category. But Swizzels-Matlow’s Halloween offerings are equally good for anyone who is searching for handily-sized mini-treats to give out to trick-or-treaters at the end of this month, as well as anyone craving a hit of 90s nostalgia. Observe:

sm1The Spooky Trick Or Treat Mix Tub, on the right, is available at Tesco’s, and contains literally hundreds of mini Parma violet, Fizzers and Love Heart tubes, as well as Drumstick lollies and other Swizzels-Matlow family favourites. The lid could secure a little better, but the handle of the pot is robust and does the job, as well as potentially being reusable. Unfortunately this doesn’t contain any specific Halloween-themed goodies, but you may have better luck with the generously-packed Trick Or Treat Lolly Mix (available at Morrison’s), which includes orange and black Drumstick lollies and pumpkin-themed Fruity Pops, among others. Finally, the Trick Or Sweet bag (not pictured) contains yet more favourites, including new Refresher bars. Both bags are eye-catchingly decorated, with bright colours and designs that are suitably evocative of the trick-or-treating season.

I’d say the selections are a little disproportionate sometimes, with definitely more of the hard sweets than the chewy ones (and hardly any Refresher bars at all, in fact, which is a shame). However, they are without doubt bargainous, and should serve all of your guising necessities – as well as your nostalgic needs – ensuring a happy Halloween for all.