New year’s food can mean one of two things. It can mean indulgent food like this, with just a few examples of the kind of food I’ve consumed yesterday (and will consume today):

…and so on. We tend to welcome in the new year indulgently, which seems a logical culinary continuation of Christmas (the season of many Quality Streets and the usual casual alcoholism). And very enjoyable it is too.

However, with the inevitable return to work comes the return to reality. Gym membership numbers soar as the nation dusts off their bathroom scales, and with all the Christmas chocolate cleared, it seems like a good time to start afresh. With many people feeling poorer in January, too, this makes for another good reason to cut back on the ready-meals and processed foods, and bulk up on the veg, complex carbs, and oily fish.

Stuck for menu plans? Here are the homemade healthy delights that I’m planning for the next few days:

  • Sweet and sour veg with sticky Thai rice
  • Oven-baked salmon with new potatoes and peas
  • Quinoa with spinach, sweet potato and tamarind
  • Slow-cooked beef with black-eyed peas

Breakfast and snacks don’t need much altering: the former is normally porridge with honey and berries, or a protein like eggs. Snack-wise I’ll continue to rely on seeds, dried fruits, nuts, unflavoured popcorn, and flapjacks. Lunchtimes need taking to another level away from packet soups, so I’ll be trying to batch cook my dinners so that I have plenty of leftovers, and breaking out some Hairy Bikers ideas for luxurious lunches. Beyond this, vending machines and supermarkets need to be avoided due to the evil sugar-filled temptresses that lie within!

So what will you be doing this new year to make your food even more fabulous this year? Feel free to leave your comments 🙂