Now that we all basically know the rules of the game (check my previous post if you are unsure), I will be separating my posts into 3 categories: Try This At Home (recipes you may want to recreate), Food Porn (basically beautiful pictures of food), and Standout Stars (memorable contestants, regardless of whether or not they make it through to the next stage). So, let’s go:


– carbonara ravioli (filled with ham, ricotta and egg)

– winter vegetable salad

– cinnamon venison with truffle celeriac mash, and red wine and lingonberry jus

– Thai duck curry with lime leaf rice

– roast pheasant with marsala and chestnut sauce, poached quince, parsnip purée, and parsnip crisps

– salmon, leek and asparagus tart with dill and tarragon sauce

– chicken with tarragon, fresh pasta, asparagus and pine nuts

– pear and mango crumble served with lime cream

– Calvados-poached pears, vanilla and cardamom crème brûlée, and almond sea salt crumble

– honey panna cotta with pear purée and ginger and caramel sauce


Celiyah: Yorkshire meets Jamaica! So many members of the public will be able to relate to her exotic meets down-to-earth approach.

Michael: looks unassuming (think Martin Freeman lookalike) but delivers killer-tasting, beautifully-presented food.

Sofia: a talented cook with a Nordic edge.

Oliver: almost the anti-star thanks to his geeky exterior contrasted with the skill of his cookery

Angela: the successful business owner who’s a chaotic but nonetheless equally successful cook

David: the dark horse with epic skills