Lipton Green Tea Calippo Friday, May 11 2018 

You may want to look out for this while on vacation in Europe this summer:


So what’s it like? The green tea flavour is detectable, and while it’s sufficiently sweet to satisfy sugar cravings, it’s not overly saccharine (perhaps tempered by the tea’s tannic flavours). Its original taste also amps up the refreshment factor on a warm day. Hit the spot for me, anyway!

A quick sweep of Google shows it’s available at least in Belgium, the Netherlands, Italy, and Romania, although the presence of Greek on the packaging also indicates that it might be available in Greece. So keep your eyes peeled!


Hello, My Name Is Salted Caramel Friday, Mar 4 2016 

Safe to say I haven’t been here for a while. WHOOPS.

Just thought I’d pop in to extol the virtues of a latest favourite:


Shamelessly stolen from

These are brilliant. They are like Cadbury Caramels, only incrediblererer. A whole bar of delicate chocolate shells encasing a river of salted caramel goodness!

I only have two problems with them. One is that they are so delicate that they do not travel well AT ALL, meaning that if you try, you will most likely end up licking said salted caramel goodness off the inside of the wrapper. Not cool!

Secondly, there is their lack of availability. In UK supermarkets I have only ever found them in Tesco (so far) – where at least they tend to be on offer. Even overseas, where they tend to sell other products from Lindt’s Hello, My Name Is range, the salted caramel version is nowhere to be seen. Note: this is NOT to be confused with the Hello, My Name Is Caramel Brownie. They are entirely different beasts.

Upshot is, they are delish. I may have to result to buying in bulk and having massive cases of these shipped directly to my home.

So where do you buy yours? And if you haven’t tried them yet – why on earth not? GET THEE TO THE SUPERMARKET.

Gluten-free gorgeousness Friday, Feb 27 2015 

Just wanted to pop in to say how bloomin’ marvellous these are.

A mere ÂŁ1.99 for six, they taste so good…you really wouldn’t know they were gluten and wheat-free. NOM somehow seems inadequate.

In short, get yourself down to Holland and Barrett for a box now!! I even paid for mine myself, so just to make clear that neither they nor Lovemore (the company that makes them) are paying me to say this. Just thought it could be a nice hack for those trying to reduce the amount of gluten they consume 🙂  Available online here.