Yes, you read that right. PASTA Express. Pizza Express have branched out to bring you your favourite pizza toppings in pasta form:

IMG_3187 (2)

All made from free range egg pasta, these delightful little parcels offer something for everyone, whether they love the American Hot (which, with its pepperoni and hot pepper, is truly HOT), or the cooler flavours of our favourite, the Pollo Ad Astra, which combines chicken and peppadew to create a sweet result.

Those with a hotter palate will perhaps be a little disappointed by the Sloppy Giuseppe, which lacks a little punch. However, there’s even something for your vegetarian friends thanks to the addition of the margherita tortellini to the range.


Pizza Express suggests serving these with their patented dough balls – but for a healthier option, we found that you could easily make one two-person pack serve three by eating it with a sumptuous side salad. But no matter what your chosen accompaniment is, the Pasta Express is ready to board and is heading straight for summer. Buon appetito!